How to SELL OUT your High-End Programs Effortlessly

My mentor Bob Proctor taught me that there is no difference between selling a cheaper program versus an expensive one.

The only difference is that which occurs in the mind of the person selling it.

Selling is an inner job. Always.

It’s about your paradigm and your self-image.

Selling is about leading another person to the path of agreement, letting them see what you see and believe what you believe.

Seeing that your offer can help them get rid of the problem they have or earn the profit they would love to earn, and helping them believe it, is absolutely possible for them.

There is no perfect script for the perfect sales presentation. There is only the perfect energy and vibration to be in when you are talking with your prospect.

Because you will have so many different prospects, you will never be able to use the same script.

There is a structure I give to my clients that helps them sell their products and services with ease. But I don’t give any scripts.

You must use your intuition as well when you’re selling.

The structure is this:

  1. Ask your prospects questions that will help you realize what the main problem is that they encounter.
  2. Find out what their main obstacle is to achieving their goal.
  3. Listen carefully to what they tell you, because only by listening can you discover how you can help them.
  4. You must be honest and explain how your product or service can help them solve their problem.
  5. Offer a solution and stay behind your products and service 100%, if you know it can help them.

It must be a win-win situation.

Don’t try to manipulate their minds in order to make the sale. Because everything in this Universe is based on the Laws, and the Law will punish you if you try doing that, beyond the scope of your imagination.

You have to know that the use value of what you have to offer is much bigger than the cash value they are giving to you in exchange.

You must have the courage to ask for the sale.

Many coaches are offering discovery sessions and, even if they know that they are talking to an ideal client, they don’t act; they don’t ask people to purchase their services.


This is your duty as a coach, to help the other person get what they want. If you know it’s a good fit, be aware that you MUST HELP them, because this is your mission in life.

Why don’t you have that courage to ask them to buy?

It’s because you have self-image issues and lack confidence.

There is a limiting belief in your subconscious mind.

Are there, in your mind sometimes, the following thoughts:

“Who am I to teach them?”

“I only want their money so bad. They will never pay that amount of money…”

“I am not worth asking so much money!”

“I am afraid they won’t like working with me!”

These are all LIES. Yes, LIES.

It’s YOUR PARADIGM talking, and not your heart or intuition.

These beliefs MUST BE BROKEN if you want to become successful.

You must believe in your product and service because you know it can help them.

You must see them already being your clients.

You must be confident when selling. And you need to build this confidence, because if you’ve never sold before, you must build this muscle.

No one was born being a pro in sales. They developed this ability, and you can develop it as well.

Treat the person in front of you like it’s guaranteed they will sign the agreement and will for sure work with you.

You must build trust, because nobody wants to work with somebody they don’t trust.

And your energy, your vibration will make them trust you.

When they trust you, they will start telling you what they really want.

When you find out what they really want, it’s time to present why your high-end product/service could help them solve that problem.

Make them want what you have to offer. Because when they want it, they will ALWAYS find the money to purchase it.

ASK THEM TO BUY. A simple question like: “Are you up for doing it?” is enough.

When they come up with more objections, give more value and, afterwards, ask them to buy again.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged because of the objections. Objections are their paradigms talking, not their heart.

After closing a prospect, the job is not done.

Now you will have to work with them as a professional, provide tons of value, educate them and help them achieve what they want to achieve.

It’s not so difficult to sell; the secret is in being in the right vibration, expecting to win and discovering what they really want.

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