A thriving Model to Sign clients consistently & Maximize your profit and lifestyle NOW

For smart entrepreneurs & aspiring entrepreneurs who want to transform their passion into a highly profitable business & soulful brand

Let me guess...

  • You’ve done training after training and almost “hate” running another Facebook add to try to get some people into your list or Webinars
  • You are sick and tired of living a life without consistent income and in the fear of running out of cash
  • You want to travel the world while working from anywhere…with just a laptop, a phone and a lot of passion…but you feel you need expert guidance to build a 100% soulful brand
  • You are ready to quit the “hope marketing” and “hope selling” and are ready to experience a quantum leap in your results
  • You want to master the art of selling because you know that profit is the first order of any business
  • You feel so alone and stuck doing everything by yourself, you want to have fun while building your business

You could…

  • Give up on your dreams and freedom and go back to a “normal and boring” job, at your 20 to 30 holiday days a year
  • Consider “the business of your dreams” just a hobby you have and continue to play a little bit more
  • Continue with your “hope marketing” system and wait to magically become that super-coach you’ve always dreamt of becoming

But you know deep inside of you heart that…
Winners never QUIT and quitters never WIN.

You know that your heart knows better...that your dreams matter.

Darling, take a deep breath…

  • You don’t have to give up on your dreams when you’re only “three feet from gold”
  • Your unique gifts and talents were given to you for a reason…to help other people thrive and to be of service every single day
  • You were born FREE and it’s your birthright to live a FREEDOM-BASED lifestyle

FREEDOM is my WORD and I believe it is YOURS as well.

It’s time…

To drop the SURVIVAL MODEL and embrace the THRIVING MODEL

It’s time…

To become a strategic thinker and to build a reliable, consistent profit model for your business

Because…Winning is strategic

and you can earn money in a calm, beautiful way.

I am Mihaela Ha and I’m here to make sure that the struggle is a story of the past for you and that building your brand and business is a fun process

I know how you feel right now…

When I was launching my coaching business the noise around me was so loud. I tried to figure it out by myself how to sell, how to get clients, how to organize my biz and my life. I invested in lots of group coaching with hundreds of people involved…there was never time for my questions. I couldn’t close the knowing/doing gap – I had access to a mountain of overwhelming information, but my results were still poor.

I am Mihaela Ha and I’m here to make sure that the struggle is a story of the past for you and that building your brand and business is a fun process

I know how you feel right now…

When I was launching my coaching business the noise around me was so loud. I tried to figure it out by myself how to sell, how to get clients, how to organize my biz and my life. I invested in lots of group coaching with hundreds of people involved…there was never time for my questions. I couldn’t close the knowing/doing gap – I had access to a mountain of overwhelming information, but my results were still poor.

At the beginning I had no idea…

  • How to get clients and close sales
  • How to structure my business around my desired lifestyle
  • How to create irresistible coaching packages
  • How to lead from within and let go of what others were saying
  • How to become confident and develop wealth consciousness

Even though...

  • I made a lot of money as a financial manager in multinational companies in Europe
  • I successfully handled hundreds of thousands of euros in medium-size multinationals with more than 170 employees.
  • I worked hard and I was at the top of my corporate financial and business management career

I realized...

I was stuck in a day job that didn’t fulfill my inner dreams, and even though I was earning a lot of money…I WAS NOT FREE AT ALL.

I remember the sunny days in my office, we always had to close the blinds because the sun was shining directly on our computer screens…

I couldn’t enjoy the sunny days, because I was always in my office until late. That was the price of earning what seemed to be a lot of money in a corporate job.

I realized I was working so hard to help others fulfill their dreams and earn millions, while my dreams were always further down on the waiting list…

Until a November day…when I decided it was the time to pursue my dreams.

So, in the end I spent more than 30K to learn everything I know about building a highly successful online brand and thinking like successful people think.

I studied like a scientist how people achieve success, how others work online, how to attract money and your ideal clients, how to set up big, worthy goals, how to create a big vision for your life and then how to execute that vision…and much more.

Oh, my God…what a journey…


  • Make my own schedule, lunch with my children or friends, go to the gym every day, walk into my beloved forest.
  • Travel to astonishing & luxurious locations I only used to stare at in magazines or online.
  • Enjoy precious time with my two teenagers, because I am aware that they need me more than ever…every day.
  • And enjoy romance with my exotic Korean husband… luxurious trips and romantic dinners are the new normal.


Now I want to help you create a soulful brand and the success you crave.

I believe your unique talents and gifts could make a difference in this world.

You can create anything you truly desire.

I know…

  • that your dreams and desires come from your heart and are linked with the unique mission only you have
  • you want to jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm and ready to serve others in a big way
  • you want to create financial independence…to buy and make investments based on what you really want not based on the price tag

If you want to win in a big way, you only need a BIG VISION and the right MENTORS & SUPPORT


And if you want to have a highly profitable business you have to scale your business so you don’t have to do absolutely everything yourself.

Have you ever seen a QUEEN who is doing everything by herself?

Of course, you haven’t.


I don’t want you to keep throwing money away and keep struggling and staying frustrated as I did.

So, I’ve put together…

Business & Success School

The Exclusive 3-Month Thriving-Model Program designed to take Soulful Serviced-Based Entrepreneurs & Coaches from their dreamed vision to a Thriving Online Business that generates consistent income & sales.

In these 3 Months together, you will:

  • Start making real money, working with your ideal clients and finally feeling comfortable while calling yourself a coach or a business woman or men
  • Build the confidence to charge high rates and become an excellent leader
  • Become a strategic thinker and a true goal achiever – the most important piece on your journey to success
  • Master the art of selling and yes you will learn how to attract and close your ideal clients in your discovery calls
  • Learn the power of visibility and how to harness the power of social media to spread your unique message to the masses

And there's even more:

You will also...

  • Learn how to design and price your Coaching packages and 1:1 Services
  • Find out how to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go
  • Discover how to handle objections and to make irresistible offers that your prospects are willing and ready to pay high-rates for
  • Get to make sales on automatic because you will have built the structures and funnels that will help your ideal clients find you easily…YES, you won’t have to run after clients anymore
  • Learn how to become a vibrational match to your ideal client …because that is the key to achieving your financial goals

You will watch every dream come true with elegance, beauty & faith —
with your own unique voice and style.


Imagine this for a second:

  • You create an irresistible offer/product for your ideal client.
  • You get absolutely booked with clients that are ready and willing to pay you upfront.
  • You rock every sales conversation and choose the type of clients you want to work with.
  • Your creativity increases and you start receiving inspired ideas to create passive income so that you can up level not only your biz but also your lifestyle.
  • You sell on your terms, at your price with confidence and ease.


Why create a thriving-model program?

Because after working with clients for more than 5 years, I realized that people really need 1:1 private attention from me. They need accountability and support to scale their business fast.

My focus is on quality, not quantity.

Business & Success school is the perfect combination of:

  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Access to my Technical Team support
  • Access to Business & Success Coach
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Full E-mail Support
  • Personalized reviews
  • Full Video & Workbooks Modules

Complete Online Modules

  • Weekly Training modules for mastering very efficient Business & Coaching skills + Success Mindset Trainings
  • Access to Mihaela’s Private Coaching on Mindset, Business & Sales and access to her experienced Technical Support team to help you build your brand, structures, funnels and social media visibility
  • Access to Mihaela’s Business Systems and Structures including scripts, templates and samples from Welcome Packages to Coaching Agreements, Webinars, etc.

Live Group Coaching

  • ONE Powerful Live Weekly Q&A Coaching sessions where you will receive 1:1 Coaching with Mihaela and her team to address your unique goals & particular needs and help you get unstuck. This includes : Social Media, Facebook Ads, Mindset, Selling, Business, Systems & much more
  • All the calls will be recorded just in case you can’t attend them live
  • A powerful and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other entrepreneurs and goal achievers who are up for great things in the world
    Mihaela will answer your particular questions in this closed forum – this is an additional access to Mihaela’s 20 years of Business Management & Mindset Expertise
  • Mastermind and Accountability Opportunities within this Forum

One-on-One Support &
Priceless Personalized Reviews

  • 2 Monthly 1:1 Calls with Mihaela Ha who will powerful coach you in the following areas: Business, mindset, Sales
  • 2 Monthly Calls with Mihaela’s Technical support team to help you build the Structures, Funnels and other Technical support needed
  • Full E-Mail access to Mihaela and her team of experts for 3 Months. You’ll submit your questions on demand and you’ll move on right away, because you’ll receive help in real time.

PLUS all my 23 years of Business Management experience and 5 Years of Mindset Expertise will be at your disposal…

YES, I’m a giver and I always over-deliver.

…because my LANGUAGE is RESULTS and my biggest passion is to help people win in a big way.

…I don’t believe in competition…I believe in creativity.


  • 10 Powerful Weekly Video Training Modules 
    These trainings will help you step-by-step in building not only a highly successful Coaching & Service-Based Business, Designing your unique Brand, but also creating the mindset and confidence that’s absolutely necessary for you to become successful and close clients effortlessly.
  • 10 Unique & Practical Workbooks PDF’s
    These workbooks will challenge you to immediately apply what you learn and build a thriving business that matches your desired lifestyle with irresistible offers and packages. It will help you create a clear vision for your biz and it will teach you how to execute that vision.
  • 1:1 Access to Me and My Team of Experts
    Because I know that nothing can be compared with 1:1 private coaching attention. You will be coached by me in the areas of Business, Sales & Mindset and my Technical Support Team will help you with your Facebook Ads Campaigns, Creating your Funnels & the systems your Business requires. This alone is so huge, because I really believe that you should focus on Coaching, selling and create high-valuable content instead of becoming a technical guru.
  • Personalized Review of Your Copy From Me and My Copy Team
    You will save thousands of euros/dollars knowing that you are creating marketing content that speaks directly from your heart to your reader’s heart, content that sells and represents your unique voice and true message.
  • The Latest Tech Toolbox I Use
    You’ll have access to the platforms and technical tools I use to run my business, starting from webinar platforms to membership sites, website hosts, payment processing and much more. I’ll recommend the best tools to use for your specific business model and field. Because many entrepreneurs have invested thousands of euros in the wrong tools…you won’t make that mistake. 
  • 1 Live Coaching Call a Week (60 – 90 minutes)
    Because I believe it’s so important to move on in building your biz on a weekly basis and yes…I won’t leave you alone not knowing what to do next. You will be able to ask the questions you have in real time. You will never feel alone on this path to your real freedom.
  • Lifetime Access to the Modules and Materials
    Access the Online Membership Site for as long as you want to. Get complimentary updates to the training material to ensure you always have the most up to date information to grow your business

Business & Success School 3-Month agenda

Available as soon as you enroll

  • How to make the most of this program.
  • Your Welcome Module will be delivered as soon as you enroll, so you can get started right away! The groundwork you do in this module will help you get even better results from the program. The focus is on getting organised and making space for the new. You also learn more about how to eliminate non-productive activities and replace them with productive ones, and how to eliminate procrastination and get order into your mind and outside world.
  • Profound shifts can occur when you do this, before the course has even started!

Month 1:
Design Your 6+ Figure Business Plan & Discover Your Unique Brand Identity and Ideal Niche

  • Get clear on your Business and Lifestyle Vision
  • Get clear on your Wow Factor Brand and your life’s purpose
  • Get crystal clear on who your niche and your ideal clients really are
  • Your Product & Financial Goal
  • Create full of value free-offers that build your list on auto-pilot
  • Build your social media follow up and raise to expert status with ease
  • Learn how to stay in control no matter the circumstances

Month 2:
Create a Beautiful Website, Your Premium Coaching Package and Implement Structures to Consistently Hit 5+ Figures per Month

  • Design your irresistible 1:1 Coaching Packages & Group Programs that your clients will absolutely love
  • A Step-by-Step Plan to build a gorgeous and easy to navigate Website that represents you and your Brand
  • How to price your Packages to hit your 5-Figure Months
  • The art of writing copy that speaks directly from your heart to your audience’s heart
  • Learn how to become magnetic with your message for consistent clients and income
  • Become a truly effective leader with a great attitude

Month 3:
Your Client Attraction Method, Highly Converting Sales Funnels and E-Mail Marketing to Build a Thriving Business and a Freedom Lifestyle

  • Create effective funnels that attract your ideal clients & get your e-mail marketing campaigns set up and running
  • The Art of Selling: stop chasing prospects and start selling like a pro
  • Automate your marketing with a 6+ Figures proven and effective Marketing Strategies
  • Facebook Ads Plan for a thriving serviced-based business
  • Master the art of hosting webinars to exponentially grow your business
  • Put your Webinars on Autopilot and just watch your clients signing up for your life-transforming Package
  • How to create a WINNER’s self-image — the no.1 Key to become successful

How this program is different

  • Business & Success School is part Group Program and part 1:1 Coaching and Tech Support – the perfect combination to build a highly profitable business.
  • The amount of 1:1 coaching you’ll have is mind-blowing. Just imagine building your business without being stressed and worried about which is the next step to take. When you feel stuck, a bunch of experts will be there to help you move forward to building the thriving business you’ll absolutely love.
  • This program is focused on one thing: to help you bring in your ideal clients consistently, help you become an effective leader and soulful coach and become “the expert” people are willing to pay high rates because they see the level of excellence you deliver.
  • We’ll help you develop a wealth consciousness and at the same time reprogram your mind for success, because 80% of your success lies in the way you think. Let’s be honest- in a world of rapid change the only “thing” you can control is YOU.
  • The focus of this program is on helping you build a powerful brand and a highly successful business, build a team who understand your vision and help you on leverage your time…because let’s be serious, if you have a highly profitable business you will need a powerful team.
  • We won’t leave you alone when you need help most – you’ll have 1:1 support in these 3 Months and you’ll never feel stuck or alone. We have more than 20 years business experience, we know exactly what it takes to build a brand and a highly profitable business.

I think it’s time to get as many clients as you desire, impact more lives and scale your business fast.

Business & Success School is for those entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to their own success and ready to transform their passion into a highly successful business.

Because of that, Business & Success School is by application only.