Living Gorgeously Academy

A Feminine Approach to Business

A 9-Month Business & Coaching Mastery Training


with Mihaela Ha

Certified Thinking into Results Consultant & Business Strategist

Ready to become an Iconic Lady Boss:
successful, chic and feminine, with an unshakable courage to be YOUR BEST SELF?

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Do you...

  • Feel like you were meant to live an exceptional life, but the money you currently earn doesn’t let you upgrade your life and business?
  • Want to start a freedom-based business that will allow you to have much more time for your children, friends, travelling and shopping?
  • Want to travel to exquisite hotels and gorgeous places worldwide, but you’re overwhelmed and too exhausted?
  • Feel like even if you are a successful entrepreneur, it seems that there is something missing in your life and you’re incomplete?
  • Lack self-confidence and believe that a woman entrepreneur must be masculine to succeed in a man’s world?
  • Know things need to change in your business, but are not sure how or what to do first…you keep wondering “Where do I find the right support?”, “I don’t know how to do sales…”, “Why others succeed and I don’t have confidence?”


I know how confusing, stressful and how hard it is when you can’t fulfill your mission because you don’t have enough money or support and don’t know how your dream can become true.

You can’t understand how it’s so simple for others to live on their terms, to earn money even if they don’t work hard, and how they can make a living whilst doing what they really love. Maybe you’re asking yourself over and over, “Why not me?” or, “How could others be so fortunate?”

Do you feel…

  • Stuck and like nobody understands your heart’s desire?
  • Frustrated that you aren’t getting enough clients, and you’re wondering if there are enough clients for you out there?
  • Jealous when you see other successful women “making it happen” and your time flies without making a difference?
  • Unsure about where the next client and money will come from?
  • Tired, stressed and overworked?
  • That you lack a system that really works, along with the right support?

I believe with every cell of my body that YOU can have it all and YOU were meant to have it all.

I am the proof that you can have it all: I have a successful business making money doing what I love, I’m a mother of two children, I travel to fabulous locations, I have an amazing relationship with my husband and I am a feminine and chic woman, all at the same time.

You were born rich:

  • You came into this world already rich and perfect, as God made you.
  • When you were born, your parents had to change their lifestyle because of you; you were very important.

You loved all the parts of your body, and you laughed a lot.


Why don’t you demand for yourself the life you would really want to live?

I think it’s because you didn’t decide to make your life a priority.

But deep inside of you, you know that you were meant to live an empowered, feminine, abundant and vibrant life on purpose.


Our educational system is broken, that’s why:

  • We were not taught how to earn money, and most women believe that money is hard to earn
  • We don’t know how to make decisions
  • We don’t know how our marvelous mind operates
  • We don’t understand who we really are and what a diamond we have within
  • We don’t understand money, and were not taught what it takes to be successful

That’s why there are so many well-educated and absolutely brilliant women who are broke, make compromises and don’t have the courage to follow their hearts…instead, they depend on others.


I can help you create a meaningful, outstanding and rich life.


Mihaela Ha

I am Mihaela Ha, an upbeat, enthusiastic and successful woman entrepreneur dedicated to helping women like you build a business that relies on your passions and matches your desired lifestyle.

I love living outside the box, and I see myself as a woman who really likes to challenge herself to do things that scare her. Why? Because by doing so, I expand my awareness; that is how ordinary people make extraordinary things.

I serve women like you, because I know how important money and happiness is in your life. I know that you are in charge of raising your children and being the best example of wealth and courage for them, and I know that you deserve to be chic and feminine no matter your age.


With a degree in Business Management, a master’s degree in Accountancy, with a very successful 20-year career in Finance, and as a Thinking into Results Certified Consultant, I now work hand in hand with the best teachers and mentors in the world, so that I can serve YOU better.

I know exactly what it takes to be successful and be YOURSELF at the same time.



And even if I am passionate about foreign languages and I learned English, German and Italian, my real language is RESULTS.

With my work, I want to unlock the huge potential that lies in many women around the world, and make this world a better place.

The future is in our hands, because we are in charge of educating our children.

I am here for YOU whenever you are ready to have a big change in your results…


and Yes, it wasn’t always easy.

  • Leaving my country to start a new life in Germany; now I travel around the world to many beautiful places with my work
  • Leaving a corporate career to start the business of my dreams that allows me to travel, work and enjoy life at the same time
  • Overcoming divorce as a single mother of two little children, illness & personal money challenges
  • Manifesting my dream home in Germany
  • Learning three foreign languages: English, Italian, German
  • Attracting my soulmate into my life from another part of the globe — South Korea
  • Impacting the lives of others through my work and love for people
  • Skyrocketing my income by changing my money paradigms

And so much more…
and YES, I’ve done all this while having a family and children.

You can have a beautiful family, a thriving business and REAL FREEDOM.

I know exactly what it takes to be a successful, chic woman entrepreneur with a strong brand and amazing clients.

Imagine this for a second:

  • Having the confidence to command high rates because you know you deliver amazing value to all of your clients;
  • Having a strong brand recognized worldwide;
  • Learning how to connect with very influential people to upgrade your business to earn five-figures a month;
  • Having the mindset that will allow you to decide how much you earn;
  • Learning how to write high quality content that makes your offer irresistible;
  • Knowing how to have a great attitude no matter the circumstances;
  • Having a powerful social media presence;
  • Being a strong woman leader who leads from within;
  • Becoming aware of all Universal Laws that govern this world — because success has nothing to do with luck, but respecting the Laws;

And much more…

The key to your success is in your hands.

Why a 9-month program?

Because a successful business is not born in a few months.

It also takes live mentoring, feedback, and you need to stay in a high gear to transform your life.

You can find lots of courses that take a few weeks, and when they’re finished you’ll remain alone, frustrated and without guidance exactly when you’ll need it the most.

There are also many group courses in which there are hundreds of women involved. And yes, you have a Monthly Q&A, but there is a very small or zero chance of getting your questions answered.

Our group program is designed to have a maximum of 10 people, because we focus on quality rather than quantity. We won’t stop until we see YOU getting to see the physical results you want in your business and life.

During the Program, we’ll have 2 live Retreats in the most amazing places in the world.

What this means to you is that you’ll have the chance to travel and meet with other gorgeous ladies, and I’m sure that you will make lifelong friendships.

Because it’s so important to meet women like you that are upbeat, enthusiastic and highly productive.

And it’s vital for you and your business to get the level of support you deserve to become a very successful business woman.

Because I can assure you that without changing your paradigm, even the best information is worthless!

Our Educational System is broken because it is based on gathering information rather than teaching who we are and how to earn money.

This is not just another program, but a System that gets to the root of the cause of your results; it will change your personal and business paradigms.

Living Gorgeously Academy is a 9-month comprehensive and high quality training in all of the following areas:

  • Mastering Very Efficient Business Skills– implementing the necessary Systems you need to have in place to consistently sign clients, Website Building, Branding, Marketing Automation, list building, online & offline marketing, sales, webinars, social media, leadership
  • Coaching Mastery– how to coach people with confidence, how to help people transform their lives, how to communicate effectively with your clients, and how to master your emotions so you can help them better.
  • Mind Mastery– you’ll be introduced to the best program ever in boosting your paradigm- Thinking into Results. You’ll learn what is money, how to get rid of your limiting beliefs and how to literally earn as much as you desire to earn. You will learn exactly how you can rich your big goals.
  • Mastermind Principles– because all successful people have Mastermind Partners.
  • Community & Interaction– because women love communicating and interacting with each other so much. You need to surround yourself with other women that are just like you: on their road to success and a new life.
  • Accountability– I will be keeping you accountable because…yes, accountability is the success insurance policy
  • Reviews and Feedback– I and my team will review your work, e-mail sequences, sales pages so that you’re sure you move forward in the right direction- this is priceless
  • How to stay beautiful, balanced, chic and feminine at the same time…because YOU represent YOUR BRAND

Living Gorgeously Academy — A 9-Month Business & Success Training for Women Entrepreneurs

What's Included

  • 1 Group Training Call per week with live online coaching session.
  • Workbooks & Participant Guide
  • 18 Powerful Modules: each is spread every 2 weeks so you have time to work through each one
  • Every module contains step-by-step exercises + workbooks as well as amazing video content to help you create a solid business and a lifestyle you’ll just love
  • Twice a month Q&A Calls: you’ll have the chance to ask questions and receive your answers in real time- no more staying stuck
  • Facebook Community
  • 2 Live Events: in Italy (Florence) & another surprise location. Events will be registered, so if you can’t come you will be covered as well. But the key in obtaining great results is to be present at our retreats.
  • 60-minute 1:1 Private Coaching Session with every participant, 4 times during the program. Everyone will have the chance to be personally coached by me.

Results you can expect after completing the Program

  • Having set up a solid business that generates sustainable income every month, not only sometimes
  • Having in place the automation systems that will allow you to live an amazing lifestyle not only a “normal” life
  • A transformed self-image that will lead you to close more sales, create more abundance and leave you feeling powerful and fulfilled
  • Finally having a great team that supports you and helps you scale your business fast — because let’s be honest, you can’t do it all and nobody can earn millions without having a strong team
  • Start doubling, tripling …multiplying your sales, and finally have money coming into your bank account consistently
  • Shift your habits that are keeping you stuck and begin producing bigger results in a shorter time
  • You’ll become a strategic thinker, with a millionaire’s mindset — because winning in a big way is strategic
  • Mixing with other women who are goal achievers and are ready to help you grow and think big
  • Having your FREEDOM back — no more struggling financially, lacking self-confidence or worrying about your future and growing your business

You were meant to shine brightly. Your time is NOW.
Tomorrow may never come.

Program Schedule

Month 1

  • Create your business and life vision
  • Getting clear on your niche & target market
  • How to set and achieve worthy goals
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs about money.
  • Coaching basics
  • The best Tips and Tricks to having a gorgeous website
  • Branding — work in progress

Month 2

  • How to use your mind to get the results you want
  • Become a strategic thinker, disciplined and laser focused on achieving your goal
  • Program Suite Overview
  • Pricing & Taking Payments
  • Preparing for your Photo Shoot & Working at your Lead Magnet
  • Closing the knowing/doing gap between what you know you should do and what you actually do
  • Product development — Design in detail your Flagship Product

Live Event - Paris, at the Glamorous Ritz Hotel

Month 3

  • Selling & Sales Pages
  • E-mail Marketing — Funnels
  • The trick to staying in charge no matter the circumstances
  • The power of visibility
  • Creating the environment and the team you want
  • Webinars & Social Media
    Facebook Ads

Month 4

  • How to pass the terror barriers that are in your way and finally experiencing a quantum leap in your results
  • Aligning you with you so that you’ll always win
  • Design your Premium Coaching packages
  • Discovery Sessions & Client Assessments
  • How to organize one-day intensives

Month 5

  • The magic of attitude — How to have a great attitude and become an expert in your field
  • The elegant & strong woman entrepreneur
  • The most powerful person is the leader — How to become a strong leader
  • Newsletter content creation
  • Social Media Calendar

Month 6

  • How to develop a relationship based on trust with your clients
  • How to live everyone you meet with the impression of Increase- The number one key to success
  • Masterminding — The power of putting many minds together
  • The art of selling your products & services no matter the price point
  • Optimizing your sales Funnel & Increasing Sales
  • The secret behind the most successful women entrepreneurs

Month 7

  • Sales Pages Split Testing
  • The Magic in your Mind — Develop your six mental faculties and create the results you want
  • How to approach magazines & influential people
  • Sales Mastery — The 6 Steps the professional Salesperson must use to close the sales in less than 30 minutes (It’s my Blueprint Formula I use to sell 10K packages on the phone)
  • Uplevel your self-worth and earn money with easew 

Month 8

  • Approaching industry leaders
  • The secret to remaining positive regardless of the circumstances
  • Guest posts, PR & Media
  • Would you like to write a book? If yes, you’ll learn how to make it happen fast
  • Expand your list

Live Event - Surprise Location

Month 9

  • Finishing your website
  • Mindset Mastery & The Power of The Mastermind
  • How to stay motivated no matter what happens on your way
  • Millionaires Tools & Habits
  • Action Plan for what you have to do the next 3 Months
  • How to become an excellent leader that other people are eager to follow
  • Make 1.000.000 look small — How you can earn 1.000.000 in the next 12 months

Amazing Bonuses are just waiting for you…

valued at €7950

Life-Time Access to “Thinking into Results” Program (€5970 Value)

Thinking into Results is a Success & Goal Achieving Program developed by America’s greatest prosperity teacher Bob Proctor and world’s best corporate attorney and adviser Sandy Gallagher. 

This System with more than 57 years of practical experience in it, will be a tool you’ll be using your entire life to achieve big worthy goals. It is the proven System which helped actors win Oscars, entrepreneurs worldwide multiplying their results and Mihaela build a highly successful business.

Access to my Signature Programe " Let the Money Flow" (€1980 Value)

6 Weeks to shift your limiting beliefs around money and start thinking and feeling good about money and yourself. You’ll increase your income and business profits permanently.

Because no matter how hard you try, you won’t experience a quantum leap in your income unless you first change your money paradigms. Make no mistake about it.


Become a successful woman:

Confident, Unstoppable & Chic

frequently asked questions

Of course it is. You must have powerful support for a definite period of time so that you don’t lose hope when facing challenges and you don’t waste your time by trying to reinvent the wheel. I’ll be there by your side every step of the way. It typically takes 7-9 months to start a business from idea to launch.

You’ll have to allocate money for a photo shoot, web design and travelling to the live events. If you already have a business, you need to look at support from an assistant.

This program includes the Thinking into Results program for leaders and individuals, which has over 55 years of

research into it; Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher and Mihaela Ha will be coaching you through 12 powerful modules. Also, the structures that your business will have in place are those which I’ve already tested with my business.

I am a certified Thinking into Results Consultant with more than 20 years experience in finance and business management.

We focus on quality rather than quantity, so you’ll receive all my attention.

I have literally made ALL my dreams come true, and I have even bigger goals. You will learn from someone who has made the transition from a corporate job to a successful entrepreneurship. Myself, Bob and Sandy will be your Mentors during these 9 Months.

I went from employed to self-employed, from divorced and a miserable mother with 2 children living in Romania to a very successful woman entrepreneur in Germany, from speaking only Romanian to fluently speaking English, German and Italian, from always broke to having a business that generates an income I’ve never ever dared to dream of.

I can guarantee you will be in the best hands possible. And if you do the work, you’ll get excellent results.

I do not offer refunds, because the women who become successful are those who are 1000% committed to their success. You’ll take from this course how much you put into it. The tools you’ll have in your hands will help you reach your goals if you do the work and follow instructions.

The calls are designed to be weekly. There will be also one Q/A Call twice a month. And taking into consideration that there will be a maximum of 10 people allowed in the group, you will definitely get your questions answered.

You’ll receive your own folder and will be able to download the worksheets. I’ll give you feedback on websites, copy, logos. I’ll be coaching you privately. You’ll have access to my Technical Support Team- you don’t have to do it all darling. You will be the Queen of your life.

There is a payment plan available, and I understand that sometimes a payment plan allows you to start the program immediately. It especially helps when you’re a new entrepreneur.

But if you wait for all the money to be there upfront, waiting to be spent, you’ll be waiting forever. Because your paradigm will keep telling you why it is wiser to wait a few more months, but months will become years; you’ll be spending the time and the money anyway, but without making any movements toward your dream, ending up frustrated and always short of money.

If you have to borrow the money to pay for this, it will be the last time you’ll have to borrow. This program will pay off hundreds of times this investment.

Are you ready to live an explosive, amazing, abundant life?

Click below to schedule a time for your Complimentary Coaching Call, when we’ll talk about exactly what you would like to accomplish, how this coaching program will help you achieve your goals and if we are a good fit to work together.

Time passes quickly.

At the end of your life, would you like to look back recalling all those beautiful moments of courage and dreaming big, or would you like to recall a life lived in misery, fear and ignorance?

Harvest your dream and let your fear, doubt and procrastination starve.

Move in the direction of your dream.