Hi, I'm Mihaela

An enthusiastic entrepreneur committed to helping you get excellent results, enroll the clients you want, at the price you want, any time you want.


You can create anything you truly desire.

You have infinite potential, no matter where you come from; regardless of your present or past results.

It is possible to enjoy every day of your life, doing what you love the most, and still make a living from it.

You only need a BIG VISION and the right MENTORS & SUPPORT.

I have done it myself.

I created a whole new successful life and business that inspires people worldwide.

But it wasn’t always like that…

Just five years ago, I was stuck and didn’t know how I was going to live my life…

I had a great career in finance, but I felt I was living only for the weekends. I did not have enough time for the things I loved most, and I felt no passion for my job.

My husband used to be an opera singer, and he was always so happy to be doing what he loved most. I could only wish to have such a fulfilling job that would excite and motivate me.

Instead I felt like I was in a prison, and I could not figure out how to escape.

Looking back now I realize I have always been searching for something.

Always trying new things, dreaming, experimenting allowed me to remain positive despite all the challenges and obstacles I had in my way.

I followed my heart, worked on my personal & business development and I learnt how to think like successful people do and how to create my own BIG SUCCESS!

The impact of coaching in my life was so powerful I decided to become a transformational coach myself.

I committed to making my dream life a reality.

Oh my god,

I went from ordinary to extraordinary so quickly!

The change in my life is like night and day.

Now I have the most rewarding business someone can have, helping people around the world fulfill their dreams and working with upbeat, enthusiastic, and positive people! These are the people you want to surround yourself with!

You know, my friend… life can be phenomenal for you, too. You only have to do one thing: you have to decide to make your life a MASTERPIECE.

The results you get in life are your choice.

Your success is my priority. I am here to serve YOU.

So, set your imagination free, tell me what you would like to achieve in life and I will teach you how to get it.

I am serious, there is no such thing as an unattainable, unreachable goal, an impossible dream, you can get anything you truly desire.

And because I love people, I commit to helping you build a successful business and get phenomenal results.

You will be astonished by how much your life will change when you choose to work with me.

Success is not a secret, it's a system.

Once you’ve learned the System, you’ll always be successful.

I didn’t let my life just happen to me.


Why work with me?

My language is – RESULTS

I HAVE MADE MANY BIG CHANGES IN MY OWN LIFE… and yes, it wasn’t always easy.

  • Leaving my country to start a new life in Germany; now I travel around the world to many beautiful places with my work;
  • Leaving a corporate career to start the business of my dreams;
  • Overcoming divorce as a single mother of two little children, illness & personal money challenges;
  • Manifesting my dream home in Germany, and let me tell you, I am looking to do it again in Italy and Switzerland;
  • Learning three foreign languages: English, Italian, German;
  • Attracting my soul-mate in my life from another part of the globe- South Korea;
  • Impacting the lives of others through my work and love for people;
  • Skyrocketing my income by changing my money paradigms.

And so much more…and yes, I’ve done all this while having a family and children.

Now I devote my life to being a BUSINESS & CLIENT AQUISITION MENTOR for COACHES, CONSULTANTS and PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDERS. I am proof that anything is possible.

Now it’s YOUR TURN to become the successful entrepreneur you were destined to be, and impact more lives with your gifts and through your work.

Dare to follow your heart, and don’t forget…

the only person who can save you is the same person who looks back at you from the mirror every single day.

Schedule your complimentary Clarity Call with me today and let's see how I can help you reach your goals.