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Hi, I'm Mihaela

So happy to meet you and so very glad you’re here.

I’m a Success & Business Coach for upbeat individuals and creative entrepreneurs who want to get results they never dared to dream of before.

I love to help people like you to create a business you ABSOLUTELY LOVE & have a lifestyle that matches your heart’s desire by unlocking your amazing potential and thinking in a certain way.

My work and this site are dedicated to inspiring every single person, family and entrepreneur to start getting the results they really desire, and to stop procrastinating their success.

I created a meaningful life for myself and an amazing international coaching business; I work with upbeat and enthusiastic people who dare to follow their heart.

I believe that we were meant to live an outstanding life.

Are you ready for your magnificent journey to success?

Every achievement starts with the decision to begin!

Living Gorgeously


Living Gorgeously


Thinking into




Mihaela Ha is one of the most positive and forward thinking persons I have ever met! Besides being very motivational, Mihaela has the tools to sustain you in a concrete way towards achieving courageous goals, in a very professional and reliable manner. "
Dana Ackermann
Communication Trainer & Life Coach

Do you have a wild dream, or a goal so big that everyone you share it with says you must have lost your mind?

I believe in you and I’m here to help you fulfill that goal and make your dreams a reality.

Why me? Because I had exactly those types of goals, and I’ve fulfilled them all.

I am living my dream now. I want you to do the same.

Tell me what you want, and I’ll tell you how to get it.

It's not only about us; it's also about other girls and women in need.

When you invest in your personal growth and your brilliant future through our work, you’ll make a big difference in someone’s life. With every service or product you purchase, you’ll help a girl in a low-income country receive a scholarship so that she will become a positive influence and leader within her community.

Amazing things happen when your passion and career come together!